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William J. Ryan



Born in poverty, by white trash sperm and egg donors, my childhood was one horrific nightmare after another, that I would spend the rest of my life overcoming.  Freeing myself from this extremely dysfunctional cluster of lost self indulgent beings, by cutting off all contact with them.  It was the best thing that I ever did.  At an early age I chose not to have children, for I was not given the skill to raise them and chose not to pass on the gruesome genetic dysfunctions that I had inherited.  Writing personal painful events in one of my fictional characters is second nature to me.  It comes far far too easy.

In my early 20s, I discovered that my reading and learning problems had a name, Dyslexia.  I worked as an adult to overcome letters and numbers changing before my eyes.  Later in life, as an older adult, I learned the power of reading and writing and became an Autodidact (self-taught).  This affliction is an incurable one and I am glad to trade the curse of Dyslexia for the skills to invent and create people, places and events that I see so clearly in my mind’s eye.  Every story, every town, every person is 100% real to me.  I see every picture on the wall, the view out the window, the streets and homes of the neighborhoods, making them all so real to me and I hope to the reader as well.  Artfully crafted acquired skills, from a childhood trying to escape the insanity surrounding this small boy and his young developing mind, where he found himself.  An example of a Dyslexia sentence.

A short stent (seven years) in the criminal banking industry, where I saw V.P.’s change mortgage interest rates higher on loans, to increase the profits for the bank, cheating the customers.  When I refused to participate, I was told, “I needed to think of the Bank First.”  My response was, “I will never do this.”  I also witnessed V.P.’s instruct managers to create duplicate false files (and they did), concealing the crimes of the bank during a government audit, so they would pass.  When I could find the courage to walk out, I did without notice, for they did not earn it.  I changed my life’s path for the better, still looking for that place in my child’s mind, where people were honest, decent and truthful.

All of my life up to this point, I could not face my tormentors, (beaten down so badly as a child) the bullies in my life until now.  I found my voice and the inner strength to take them all on... one at a time.  With each confrontation, with each face to face battle, I have grown stronger and developed the skills to beat back the bullies of the world, exposing them for what they truly are.  There is no one I will not attack back, fending off their aggression, their bullying of the weakest among us all, children... has become my single life focal point.

At this intolerant unforgiving stage in my life, my understanding of man’s history, is continually being rewritten and removing the light of truth, I pull further away from people.  The worst being the so called God fearing people that believe they can do anything to anyone and God will forgive their sins, so they can do it again.  Every one of them has shown me the black oozing bag that is their soul.  There is no helping them, so I stopped trying and recoil from the religious.  The evil that most religious people do every day, in their God’s name, (genocide, rape of a child, land grab, slavery) show us all that their god must have horns and a pointy tail.  This clear understanding of people and the evil that exist just under the skin, emerges in all my stories.  A good writer should not create without understanding, but write what they know.  I know this evil all too well and I can write and attest to it in the fullest!!!

Some of my Favorite Quotes

“Just because you are born in shit, does not mean you must stay there.”  The quote is from a female pilot from WWII, instrumental in the development of the WASP, name unknown.

“A man’s strength is measured by the strength of his enemies” Sioux
My list is very long and grows with every day.  They are indeed very powerful.  Each day I wait for them to come and kill me... the Deceivers that I expose.

“Hell is other people”  From the book NO EXIT by Jean-Paul Sartre 1944.  The things he must have witnessed... as the Good German Christian’s gathered up the Jews (the god killers, Jewish Deicide) for the slaughter.  Oops, did I let that slip?  Yes the Nazis were unapologetically Christian,,, Gott Mit Uns (God with us) was worn upon every German Christian soldiers belt as they justified their actions with words of Scrupulosity and its madness.  Example; “Our movement is Christian” Adolf Hitler.  These Christians are not good people and for me this quote helps prove it.

“The waste,,, the waste,,, the waste.” The last words of abdicated King Edward VIII of England.  Somehow it seems to sum up the best efforts of man on Earth.

“I am ashamed to say I am a member of the human race.” Is by Charles Bukowski, August 16th 1920 to March 9th 1994.  Words I hear in my mind every day as I see more atrocities of man and his foot print upon this small planet.

I carry all of these words with me every day and use them to steer me from the rocky shores of others as I set the heading of my ship away... off into the setting sun... as I was born... alone.

Personal Hero’s

Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr.;  his skills of camouflages and moving from one life to another, immeasurably helped to guide me and reinvent myself for the better.  It is with envy that I look to him and his life, for he truly is,,, The Great Impostor.

This is but a small window into my soul.  It reveals but a small part of what has made this man what he is,,, good or bad.
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--Writing with emotion and imagination
-- Putting a little of myself into each character
-- Never wavering from the truth as I see it
-- Detailing what I see