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The Copper Pit

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Love and the Joy of Murder


Global Financial Super Heating

How will you feed your family when the global dollar collapses and Martial Law is enforced?  When polluted ground water, lack of food, and extreme weather changes causing global migration are part of life.  Where genocide based on color and religion are to be but one part of the very near future under the loss of Global Shading.  These are just a few of the things mentioned in this book.
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Seeds Of Change

william j ryan books
     This is a fictional story about a powerful and prosperous New York attorney who experienced a profound change in his personal and professional values and beliefs when he lost his daughter in a fatal car accident. In this story you will follow James Brannon through his personal transformation, which was aided by his grandchildren and the townspeople of the community where his deceased daughter had been so highly regarded by all.
    As you read you will see the veneer of a powerful New York attorney and businessman stripped away to reveal a decent and honest soul that loves his family and his neighbors and fellow citizens. You will also see how, without that veneer of power, such a decent and honest soul can be crushed by those in power. By the time you reach the shocking climax of the story, you will wonder if it is true that "nice guys finish last."
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The Copper Pit

"The Copper Pit" is a dramatic tale with very unlikely results of the President’s and Congress’s decision to banish outlawed street gangs to an abandoned copper mine in America’s mid-west. A strange new underground world evolves which includes daring escapes, changed lives, justice, reformation, and even love. You will meet Mongo, a lifer who emerges as the leader of the motley group of prisoners, Peewee, and Freeway, brave fugitives with opportunities to change everything, and Friendly, a surprising woman who ultimately transforms the way of life in "The Pit."
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Sheriff Jessy of Boonies, Kentucky

    This is a story about Boonies, a small town located in a secluded mountainous area of Kentucky. In 2007, Boonies has remained almost untouched by modern-day culture. Almost. That is until a tidal wave of crime and corruption invades their quaint society. The residents have grown up with the moralities of the nineteen-fifties, only to have most of their children move away in search of greater opportunities.
     The few who have remained want to raise their children in a safe, caring environment. They share their town with the older generation, many of whom continue to work past their retirement age in order to survive their own economic despair. Their struggles have been brought on by a government they thought they could trust, only to find they cannot. Boonies faces the intrusion of gangs, bribers, lying politicians, and swindlers.
    The townspeople are seduced by promises of better jobs and better lives. However, one of the town's pillars is not drawn in by the unscrupulous schemes of outsiders. He is Sheriff Jessy. His gentle, peace-loving ways and his relationship with the town drunk, Zeke, create an unlikely ending to the tale of rescuing Boonies from evil, greedy politicians.                                
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Car Slugs

A good teaching aid for anyone thinking of getting into the car business.  It includes a dictionary with terms and slang used in the car business.  The events within this book are based on true stories mixed with fictional characters.  If you are easily offended do not buy this book, because every gender, race, color and religion will be attacked.  There is no place to hide in the car business!
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Letters to President Obama
52 Weeks 52 Letters

     Ryan's letters to President Obama are not just the ramblings of one angry person venting his frustration toward Washington D.C.  They make up a personal commentary from a small town business owner; about what is happening in the United States, and the evil that seems to be behind certain events and trends that we witness and the helplessness we feel when we are unable to intervene.  He believes that it is possible to stop this evil and take the power from those who perpetrate it, and return the power back to the people.
    This book is the publication of 52 actual letters written to the President.  One per week for 52 weeks.  There are many questions asked in these letters and several actual responses from the White House.  The author's introduction includes a "test" for the reader.  At the end there is a list of suggestions for changes in legislation, plus a glossary of terms used in the book, including the much referred to, "Banksters."  No matter what  your political affiliation, you will find "Letters to President Obama" an interesting and provacative read.
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Levi's Reverse Wave Absorption

    This is a science fiction story that demonstrates corrupt American politics. It shows how the most innocent of good intentions can be twisted, turned, and ultimately transformed into a venture taken over by those whose only motivators are fame and greed. When a bright Amish college student discovers a way to predict earthquakes, save lives and prevent property damage, it somehow ends up completely misunderstood by inept and dishonest federal agents and even the President of the United States gets involved.
    The story starts with an FBI sting operation that gets out of control and its directors try to cover up the death of innocent victims. Their schemes take them deeper and deeper into all sorts of malevolence, double crossing vengeance and even torture. The end results are not at all what our young science student, Levi, set out to accomplish. His invention becomes a political campaign payback andmoney making plot which endangers the whole planet. The President only wants to increase his approval rating and his associates are profiteers, so they exploit one another.
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The Good News Show

    The Good News Shows begins by focusing on the TV news media in the United States, but ends up chronicling the downfall of humanity. It is no accident that this downfall coincides with the loss of our rights and freedoms, just one being the freedom of speech. So be warned: The scenes are graphic.
    The dramatic stories they tell revolve around the lives of the main characters, Jim and Kathy, news anchors who decide that freedom of speech is only free when we all have a voice and that the air waves belong to all of us, not the Government.
    Does the Government seek to control the masses by controlling the news and its advertising? Do they do this under the guise of protecting us when really it is about political power? These provocative questions and much more is the core of this book. In the end The Good News Show goes beyond the interplanetary boundaries of time and space to show just how far reaching power mongering can be, and how its corruption can produce the strangest of outcomes.
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First Defense

    This book depicts a war taking place in our nation against illegal drug trafficking. It is a story about a few people who have been forced to stand their ground in defense of their land, all without the assistance of the government, or their interference. This is not a new war, or even one that's been fought for years, but one that has been going on for decades. You won't hear much about it on the national news for that would unnecessarily alarm people and show just how overwhelmed the local governments are and how the federal government has been ignoring the problem.
    The question is, "Why would the federal government choose to ignore this?" They postulate on how tough they are, but go on letting this war worsen. The effects are in our schools, on our streets, in our businesses and in our government. Most of us turn our heads and look the other way until inevitably, it spills out in front of us and we just say, "That's too bad." Well it is too bad because we are losing this war.
    Every atrocity that you read about in this book is a direct result of a decision made at the top. It's just like if you go into any business and you are treated poorly, it's because the man at the top says it's okay. What the one at the top thinks, trickles down. What you are about to read describes a battlefield, one that will probably shock you and surprise you as well. The thing is, put yourself in their place. What would you do if it were your land, your property, your neighbor or your own family?

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The Three K's

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    This is the story of a hard working man named Jon, who is just trying to support his family and live his life.  He married his childhood sweetheart and soon had a very precocious daughter.  By all tense and purposes they were living a great life. 
    Until one day it all came crashing down around him. He comes home to find his wife and daughter brutally murdered.  Jon then get's swept up in a life altering frame up that is perpetrated by the American Justice System. 
    After the loss of his family Jon must find the strength to go on and fight, because he is forced to battle the Justice System in order to get justice for his family and right the wrongs done to him by that system.  You will find so many twists and turns in the story, that it will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat.
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The Good Christian

   We as spiritual beings are all damaged and as we mature and understanding develops, our spirit, our soul begins to heal. But for some, the damage that has been done by others for their own self-gratification leaves oozing wounds that do not scar over and will never heal.
For the rare and very few among us, images of revenge become reality as fantasies of vengeance work their way into the physical world, right before their eyes. The pain and life long suffering inflicted upon the child no longer is held in check; no longer pushed into the darkest points of the damaged soul and revenge comes thundering forth in intense levels of violence. The Good Christian is such a story, where an innocent man is pulled into a man’s quest for vengeance as he tries to extend a hand of friendship and understanding, but vengeance is not to be UN-fulfilled or UN-allayed. From the blackest part of his soul he inflicts vigilante street justice upon his tormentors and justice... of some sort prevails.
For you the reader, according to what your conscience dictates; be warned that you may find the words within this book objectionable. BUT, it is a part of your religion and within your faith as you continuously look the other way.

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Amaton Man
Ask A Tree

    Amaton Man - Ask A Tree is a coloring book for children to be used as a tool in the fight against child sexual abuse. This book was created to help children that are victims of this crime to talk about what is happening or has happend to them. It can be a great tool for parents or child psycholigists to find out who is perpetrating this crime against a child that is in their care! For those adults that would like to preview this coloring book before buying, you can follow the link below for the Amaton Man website.
Click button marked Ages 6 and Under.   www.amatonman.com
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Just Deserves
The Seventh Tier

Here is a dramatic account of life after death for a lonely man named Ray.  Ever wonder what lies beyond?  Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?  Come along as Ray encounters a few unsuspecting souls on "The Seventh Tier" and the stairway to life's final reward.
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    Christianity is primarily used as examples of Scrupulosity levels one, two, three and four in this book because of my familiarity with it and because of its power over this American government and its leaders, thereby all of us.  The psychological disorder Scrupulosity, is  found by the author to be at a much more dangerous level than found in its classification as a form of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).  For I believe that it manifests itself in the criminal behaviors of rape, murder, and genocide.
    The sufferers of this learned religious mental disorder, found only in the human mind, are all around us as they commit crimes and cover them up under the pretense of doing God's work.  There is a word describing these criminals of God and that word is Scrupulosity at all its levels.     We all suffer because they all suffer.
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Extermination of Kings
Part I

    This is a story of two Buddhist Monks who witness the annihilation of their monastery and their entire community in the mountians of Tibet.  Part I, Journey to the Bay of Bengal, tells of their jorney south seeking refuge and help.  Forced to leave their loving and peaceful life, they witness man's inhumanity to man and the earth they love.  Along the way, they overcome great odds and share their special qualities with those they encounter.                                    
                            REVISED SECOND EDITION
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Extermination of Kings
Part II

    In Part II of The Extermination of Kings, word spreads of the lone survivors of the Tibetan atrocities and the monks receive help.  Captian Jack, a big Irish seaman gets them across the Indian Ocean and Ocyrus guides them through the dark continent of Africa and the perils they face there.  A powerful and mysterious benefactor makes himself known and leads them to the exciting final leg of their journey.
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Extermination of Kings Part III

    In Part II of Extermination of Kings, the main characters, Woo and Woohoo, Tibetan monks, and their companion Neeya, have already traveled two continents in hopes of escaping their pursuers and seeking a way to tell their story to the world.  They now embark upon the final leg of their adventure, which takes them to America.  As in the first two episodes of this trilogy, they face mysterious and unexpected comrades, adversaries and challenges. 
    They find themselves enmeshed in and dependant upon the complicated existance of the wealthy and powerful sponsors.  But at what cost to the noble and naive characters we have grown to know and love?  Come along and find out how they navigate their way in America and bring about a worldwide crusade for enlightenment and justice.  Also find out what the Dalai Lama had planned for them all along, and see a destiny unfold that was dictated by their ancient heritage.
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Amaton Man - The Secret

    Amaton Man - The Secret is the second in the series of Amaton Man coloring books.  This series of coloring books are meant to use as a tool to help children who are suffering or have suffered this form of abuse in the past to open up and tell someone.
    In this story a child has a secret and is afraid to tell somone.  The child felt so bad that they thought of taking their own life until Amaton Man came and helped them realize that its not their fault and that they should tell someone.
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Amaton Man

Amaton Man - The Price (Girl)
Amaton Man - The Price is the third in the series of Amaton Man coloring books.  This series of coloring books are meant to use as a tool to help children who are suffering or have suffered this form of abuse in the past to open up and tell someone. In this story a young girl gets sexually assaulted by someone close to her family and winds up pregnant. 
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The Price

Amaton Man - The Price (Boy)
Amaton Man - The Price is the foruth in the series of Amaton Man coloring books.  This series of coloring books are meant to use as a tool to help children who are suffering or have suffered this form of abuse in the past to open up and tell someone.  In this story, a young boy get's sexually abused and contracts a sexually transmitted disease.
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Amaton Man

The Price

Amaton Man - A Brief History
Amaton Man - A Brief History is the fifth in the series of Amaton Man coloring books.  This series of coloring books are meant to use as a tool to help children who are suffering or have suffered this form of abuse in the past to open up and tell someone.  This story tells the history about where the Amaton Man came from.
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Goyim is the plural for Goy.  If you are not Jewish you are considered a Goy by the Jewish people.  All Jewish men are told that they are god's here on earth.  Per the Jewish religion, 98% of all people (Goyims) are not going to heaven.  Of the 2% that are going to heaven, they will go to heaven even if they don't believe in God.  Regardless of your faith, and regardless of your chosen God or God's, the outcome is always to be the same... Armageddon.  The face of all man's God's is but one and that is death in his name.
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In Search for the "I"
    In my quest to understand myself, my organs, and my place in a very unique thing called life, found on a small planet; my search and my knowledge had to cross into many subjects and fields. Therefore, my expertise may not live up to the standards of thos that pursue for a lifetime one particular topic covered in these writings.
    Because of the time constraints of life, it became necessary to overview or summarize and merge many subjects, to obtain the knowledge to understand the Complete Unified Circle Theory. Therefore, it is a requirement that you the reader, must have an open mind and not be encumbered with the shackles that accompany the highly scrupulostic religious persons.
    The difference between life and death is the recurring "I" within all living things, which reqires a broader look at all subjects from theoretical physics to the astrophysicist, which they may take issue with. But as we all look to the heavens for new life, we are crashing into extinction at record speeds, without even knowing or understanding life here on earth, seeing no value in it or its "I." There is not much time left!
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   This historical fiction based drama, is about the reincarnated Lord King of Machu Picchu and his quest to rebuild his nation and return the stolen riches of his people.
He aquires gifts from the Gods during his journey. One of these gifts is Jan, a nurse that saves his life.
    Unexpectedly, Jan falls in love and her life takes many dramatic turns, new responsibilities that come with total unquestioned respect and appreciation.  After reading this book, ask yourself, "Would I be able to cope the way Jan did? Am I strong enough?" Get ready for a wild ride full of twists and turns!
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International Screenplay Contest Placed 14th among Official Finalists 2016
in Action/Adventure Feature

Love and the Joy of Murder

    A man and woman from seemingly opposite ends of society, find each other in the middle of a murder cover up.
    This bazaar circumstance, narrated by the female victim, brings this unlikely pair together; for neither of them can or want  to leave eachother.  From their closeness, love developes as each of their personalities begin to rub off on the other.  They both have finally found joy, love and happiness in eachother, on the outer fringes of life and the law.
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Dr. Ghee

    Alzheimer's is a disease that affects the Ghee family. There have been three generations of medical doctors in the family that have mentally deteriorated because of this illness.  They have gone so far as to refer to it as a family curse.
    Dr. John Ghee (the 3rd generation doctor) feels his mind beginning to slip, so he comes up with an idea to save it.  You will discover how things progress after he implements his idea, using himself as a test subject.
    You will also watch as his son, Robert Ghee (4th generation doctor), makes an effort to stem the progression of this disease, befor it kills his father.  In the end, Robert becomes sidetracked by an idea of his fathers, about preserving human organs.  He brings to fruition this idea, in an effort to help save the lives of people all over the world.
  Available Now!
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Jesus Christ in Canaan

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    "Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as differnt from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us, as our slaves."
    This is just a quote that I have found that led me to investigate Jews and religion. I could not believe what I had found, so I wrote it down to pass it along to everyone. The stories within are true stories but with some embellishment added to make them come alive to you, the reader.  Enjoy!
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http://www.amazon.com/Jesus-Christ-Canaan-William-Ryan/dp/15197093 82


      Beneath all governments are Dark Governments and their secretive networks to control and rule the world.  This story is about what happens when the genetic growth of man is permitted to be altered and others move in to take control. 
     The planet is covertly invaded by several species of beings, re-cooping the seeds of its life planted here hundreds of thousands of years ago, deep within the split brain (two hemisphere) people.
   Covertly they move into the secretive side of the government, no one on the outside ever sees them or knows much about them.  Their power comes from nurturing the singl brain attribute, found to be a defect, but in fact is one of their qualities and requirements for development.
      Peace among these invaders is questioned, as each tries to use its power to take over the planet, with the help of the Dark Government.
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 Grey Power
Project Term Limits

    Have you ever thought about hurting someone that has hurt you, or thought about doing something to those in the Government, because of the way they are running your country?  If so, you need to read Grey Power-Project Term Limits.  
    When a world is on the brink of a catastrophic disaster and the people running your country just don’t want to take things seriously, what would you do?  Cooper has just retired from the banking industry and is optimistic about his future.  One day, everything changes and he becomes fed up with how those that are supposed to follow the rules persist on ignoring the rules that they don’t like.  He joins a very large group of people are becoming fed up with how their country is being run, so they devise a plan to try to put things back to what they once were.  
   Cooper takes a trip that gives him a new lease on life in this harrowing tale of love, revenge, justice and peace at last.

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Victimize the Victim

     For anyone that has ever lost a beloved pet due to the neglagence of someone else, you will understand this story.  Over a year ago I lost my beloved pit bull due to poisoning by the neighbor of my business and home.  Since I am a writer and I tend to write about everything, I decided to write down my story.
     Victimize the Victim is my accounting of the events that transpired during and after this devastating act.  From what I saw on the day that this all happened to what I went through in order to take the culprit to small claims court.
     Follow my journey and see just what our justice system has come to, when even the most straight forward cases get the run around.
Available Soon!

What the hell is going on?

Life is not complicated, our defective split brains make this world full of riddles and we must rise above the confusion of our defective split brains.
          Greedy people make things complicated to deliberately hide the truth.  There is easy money to make for the few, if only a few know the truth.  Knowledge is money and money is power and power can buy anything… like governments.
          Today the rich flaunt their power over the rest of us in annual global meetings, showing off their religious symbols.  Their power over us is unchallenged, because they own everything, including god and the future devastation as it’s going on.
This book examines the hard facts of friendly aliens coming to earth as well as the people behind governments and their lies to get knowledge (from the aliens) for new products that they can sell as their own invention.
          Everything behind government is about power and money and the use of religion to control the masses.  They will stop at nothing to keep control, power and money.  It’s just a big game to them and people are just pawns in their planetary destructive genocidal game.

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Adina of Elysium

Adina of Elysium is an historical story about two green children found wandering outside of a town called Woolpit in England.  I wrote this story using the historical information that I found through my investigation.
     In a place called Elysium, where there are no wars, the sun was low in the sky and the land is green all the time. Adina and her brother Mawukura were out moving their herd, when something spooks them.  It forces them and the herd into a cave, with waiting for what spooked them to leave.
     When finally they emerge from the cave, they find themselves in a foreign land.  It’s so bright that they could barely see what lay before them and so hot that Adina thought she would burn. When her eyes adjust a bit, she sees a dead barren land and assumes it’s the land of death.
     Our green children have to try to adjust to this land of death, for they don’t know if they will ever find their way home again.

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An Amber Intervention

    When his nephew is wrongly accused of his parents murders his uncle Brendt, starts a crusade to help prove his innocents and free him.  He uses his hatred to try to accomplish his goal.  Until his taught hatred of other religions and races of people is abruptly altered in a flash of light.  He is forever changed by this event and becomes a different person.
     In his attempts to help change the Earth and warn all of its people of the Intervention that is to come, he meets many obstructions.  With the help of his sister and an old flame that has returned to his life, as well as a new friend called Amaton Man, who is from a planet far away, he has some small success.
     With or without Jim’s help, this intervention is to come regardless of what the Deceivers tell people.  Jim’s goals are to expose the criminal element that has taken over.  The animal lust to have it all at any price is exposed, to help in part, bring out the kinder side of mankind that is so rarely seen.


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      There is a secret organization that for hundreds of years have existed solely to obtain others land and riches by any means.  War, murder, slavery, drug dealing, and destruction of all other religions and their cultures are but a small part of the business models they follow.  To this day, these men hide behind governments and their corrupt politicians, moving freely committing genocide for their chosen religion.
      Most of these Deceivers embrace their god intensely for the sole purpose of enriching themselves.  The few that truly believe in helping their fellow man are not advanced; they are removed or put to death.  No one is to stand in their way.
Regardless of the pain, suffering and the extermination of those that stands in the way.  Their single goal is to control the slaves via religion and acquire wealth by any means.  Rewriting history is easy when you own everything.
      All those below the secret highest levels of this religious organization, inside as well as outside, are considered slaves.  They are to do the bidding of the highest people within this secretive cult.  These “Lodges” around the world enrich only the few, while deceiving all others.  This book exposes them; revealing their true agenda, money, wealth and power… using god.


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Oh God...  Not Another Murder!

    This book is a parodies’ of the endless murder mysteries coming from the BBC, regarding a small village in England. Where after a series of these stories, one is forced to think… they must have killed off every inhabitant of this village.  Who would want to live in such a place, where the murder rate is higher than living in gang infested Chicago or the city of L.A.
    Each week we are witness to yet another murder.  The religious leader interferes with the bumbling inspector that never gets it right and constantly resents the unwanted help.  But ultimately, this man next to God can find the true killers.  Maybe it’s his divine magical powers… that only this religion has and is supported by the government for controlling (brainwashing) the masses.


Nature's Rights

If you are one of the many that believe everything is fine, this book my open your eyes.  Most people think that the experts know what they are doing and they just fall in line like good little hand puppets.
Perhaps all we need to do is pray more and the gods will take care of the earth for us and save us from the crash that is coming.  If we all just start going to church more… God will save us.
Reality doesn’t work that way.  The real world will come very soon, imposing much death and destruction upon all of us.  The questions that I ask each one of you is, “How will you survive?” “How will you feed your family?”  “Where will you get water to drink?”
This book is this author’s attempt to show everyone who is willing to look into the future, the approximate time the end days will come.  That time is very close.  Come with me and follow the clues!

Available Now!

The Second Coming of Christ

     The fallacy of the second coming of Christ is questioned only by the first.  The thinking is,,, if it were true and the son of god did in fact come to Earth,,, things would be better.
     God or the son of god would probably insist that the “Thou shall not kill” thing be enforced all over the planet (for we are all the same,,, his children), but it is not.  Today man is killing man all over this planet for the sake of god.  Can you image the shame he must carry,,, people killing other people because of their belief in you.  No wonder he does not show his face here,,, it would be filled with shame.
     The total corruption of the galaxy called Kyklos, leaves the Nine Watchers no alternative but to end its existence.  The 6th die off of all life is to come, but not at the hand of man as predicted.
     Only memories held by the living survivors of the Twin Experiment hold the truth of the hours of the last day of a planet called earth in the galaxy called Kyklos.

Available Soon!