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Just wanted  to say I read the book Dr. Ghee in less than a day !
The book was very good I really enjoyed it. I gotta say it took a while to get to the part that remotely had me in it, but hey I got 100,000 out of it, so that was good. Just think that my little  farm and the pig's sparked it. I did found it easy to read and entertaining for the average  reader as I am.  Keep up the awesome work!  I will go online  as soon as I figure out how to put in a proper critique for you.
Amaton Man! Oh wow! Just the thing that I needed at this time, my daughter needs this. FINALLY someone comes up with something that just may help some children and make it fun at the same time.

To anyone reading this, I just wanted to say that I have read over 8 of the books on the list.  The vivid imagination of the author was great the books were very entertaining coming from someone who is not an everyday reader. I found myself wrapped in the books I have read. The books started out slow building the plots but wow!  When it starts they were very hard to put down, by far my favorite was the Copper Pit, the vividness almost made you feel like part of the action. The best part is it was so realistic it could almost be reality.  Great book, I will buy more I liked it so much I got my copies signed.  Keep up the great work! I am one of your biggest fans!
The Good Christian was a cool story! It sure kept me interested. Bill's search for the person that the journal belonged to in order to return his journal was full of so many twists and turns. And the writings in the journal were heart-wrenching! I can only imagine what I would do in his place! What a story! I bet alot of people that have been through what Arthur went through would love to do the same thing!


I love the new monthly Kindle book promotions!   If you are not sure about the unknown author, like I was, it is nice that this author has done these promotions.   I can go buy a book for my tablet for just 99¢ or free!   I have gotten 3 of Mr. Ryan's books this way and I am glad that I did!  Love and the Joy of murder just blew me away!  The hired killer was a strange one but he grew on me after a bit.   I also bought The Copper Pit, which I don't regret either.  I think our government should read it and follow it; and last but not least I bought Lords.  I tell ya, this author seems very knowledgable on all kinds of subjects.    Oh my god!  The  ritual made me blush!    I have become a fan and I will be looking for more!!           
Letters to President Obama 
ByMr C Uprichardon 10 November 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
                                                                    A good read to oligarchian proportians!

Customer Review of The 3 Ks
1.0 out of 5 starsNeeds Reworking
By Lynda Kellyon 18 December 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I made it 11% into this and gave up. It's written as if by a child, quite strange and really not for me.
He mentioned someone arrested being dressed in the obligatory orange jumpsuit and diaper, not something I've heard of before, either !!
This phrase I find peculiar-"The attorney was a short man with curly grey hair and he had a big nose and a bad back"....and then we're to believe a kid (who's the age that rides a yellow school bus) is so rude to her mum's friend. She wouldn't speak that way if she's been raised with any manners whatsoever. He also wrote my and not by....that should've been spotted.
It needs a good reworking before it's fit for purpose, is my final verdict.
Author Reply
Customer Review of Seeds of Change
1.0 out of 5 starsas the idea behind the book is not bad. I just found it incredibly badly written
By LHon 18 September 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Unfortunately I set myself a rule : if I pay for a Kindle book - I read it. The signs were clear early on that this was not a book for me - an author who is incapable of sticking to a tense in the same sentence is a big clue. It's a shame, as the idea behind the book is not bad. I just found it incredibly badly written.

 Author Reply
 Customer Review of Scrupulosity
1.0 out of 5 starsA gross misunderstanding of both the meaning and the definition.
By Chris Stewart Wardleon 18 March 2016
Format: Paperback
Scrupulosity does not mean what William J. Ryan thinks it means. It is NOT a compulsion to commit immoral acts. It is an excessive feeling of guilt over sins already committed. If you feel compelled to commit immoral acts and then you act on that compulsion, you do not suffer from scrupulosity. You might suffer from antisocial personality disorder, or schizophrenia, or psychopathy.

People with OCD, of which scrupulosity is a variety, are among the LEAST likely people to commit terrible crimes. The mere thought that we MIGHT drives us completely bananas, and causes us to create elaborate mental rituals to make sure that we absolutely definitely won't. That the "compulsive" part of obsessive-compulsive disorder manifests itself as a lack of impulse control is a disgusting, insidious lie that William J. Ryan's "autodidact" approach has unfortunately led him to swallow whole.

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